My soul is one of the restless. It can´t stand still and its attention span is not the longest. This means I usually have more than one ongoing projects at the same time. Ok, to tell you the truth, the number might be closer to hundreds.

Lately I´ve been doing a lot of mindless illustrations when I´m in need of a break from my new collection. I just put the sewing machine out of my sight and create. In addition to drawing I´ve started a couple of paintings and they, too, provide a great escape from reality. Recently gold, silver and simple lines have been a little obsession of mine.

Here are pics of a few unfinished pieces so that you´ll get some idea of the extent of my restlessness. Note that this really is just a fraction.

gold1 gold2 gold4 lines1lines drawingsilver1 silver2solu

muscle forest1

I admit it. I´m a woman of a thousand projects.