It all started a few days ago when I had a moment of madness. Maybe because of this year coming to an end and feeling a need to have things in order.. For whatever reason I looked at all my pencils and markers and started going through them to get rid of the ones that aren´t working anymore. It took me some time but as a result (in addition to neat and fairly organized jars of art supplies) I have a few fun illustrations.


I started making lines to see wheter or not my markers and whatnots were already useless. But instead of throwing the piece of paper away I kept going and after a little while I had a simple illustration infront of me.


But that wasn´t enough. After organizing, throwing useless things away and putting everything back in place I felt a strong urge to draw more. This took me a couple of nights to finish but I like what I see; an imaginary world full of bizarre detail.

With all this said and done I´m going to settle down and have a quiet Christmas. Enjoyable X-mas to all!