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So, as some of you might already have figured out, I´m working on a new collection. Here´s a few detail pics. Hope you like what you´ve seen so far (other posts of it here, here and here).


I´ve also worked with copper this week. Actually, I´m thinking about making earrings for the new collection from it.


You wouldn´t have strength and energy to work without some relaxation. This week I took care of it by jogging and enjoying the sunshine not forgetting an Irish coffee savored in good company. In addition to trying to find the balance between working and unwinding I´ve been browsing through some inspirational pics (you can see some of them in my Pinterest account). I found myself spending hours and hours simply mesmerized by clever jewellery, shiny fabrics, bearded men, inspiring art etc.

Wishing there were a few more hours in a day to make all my new ideas into real creations.



Ps. If you haven´t already, go see my website!


A friend of mine liked one of my drawings so much that she asked if she could create it from copper. Here´s the result: a copper statement piece, design by Piia Myller, made by Jaana Jylhä-Ollila.