It´s been years since the last time I printed fabric using a drawing of my own. I had forgotten how rewarding it is to go through the whole process from illustrating to making the screen and then finally printing a product.


I´ve had this weird fascination with internal organs, bones and such for some time now. I guess it started years ago when I flicked through some old anatomy books with awesome drawings and saw the inner beauty.

One night I couldn´t get any sleep so I started going through some of my old drawings. A few stood out from the crowd and I began merging them together in one drawing. This is what came out: a print called Sisin (Core). While creating it I felt sort of a pressure in my chest, a huge urge to take a deep breath, to turn things inside out, to see and feel what lays beneath the surfice, to grow something new from what you already have. For me Sisin depicts all that. Everyone is free to make their own interpretations or just see the visual side of it.

The same organic theme can also be seen in my other products. For instance my Half of Me – bronze pendant is a good example because the idea for the shape came from a bone.