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It´s time to celebrate the very first birthday of my Piia Myller Design website! How awesome is that! What better way to celebrate it than to organize PMD´s very first GIVEAWAY. Because of the upcoming Valentine´s Day the prizes are in twos. You and your friend have an opportunity to win tote bags and plastic keychains with my new print Sisin (Core).

You can take part by commenting here (or in my Facebook page) or just send me email ( Don´t forget to include your own email address so I can contact the lucky winner. Also remember to share this with your friends! You´ll have time to participate until 14.2.2014.


I´ve had this weird fascination with internal organs, bones and such for some time now. I guess it started years ago when I flicked through some old anatomy books with awesome drawings and saw the inner beauty.

One night I couldn´t get any sleep so I started going through some of my old drawings. A few stood out from the crowd and I began merging them together in one drawing. This is what came out: a print called Sisin (Core). While creating it I felt sort of a pressure in my chest, a huge urge to take a deep breath, to turn things inside out, to see and feel what lays beneath the surfice, to grow something new from what you already have. For me Sisin depicts all that. Everyone is free to make their own interpretations or just see the visual side of it.

Yet again I have to say thank you a million times to Esa from Olavi Creative for creating PMD website!!!



Like I told you before I was asked to join a fun project called Pisamaneidot testaa. Pisama Design sent me this cute little purse to use and then tell about my experiences. I already wore it to an Independence Day get-together with friends and then to a Christmas Village sales event in Joensuu.

(You can see Hañhi Design´s sales stand in the last two pics.)


The purse is made of durable denim with hand printed Headwing print. That bright blue lining is a cheery detail, don´t you think. Go check Pisama´s other products here!

Thank you Anu for taking the pics again!




By the way.. this is my 100th post!! Awesome.

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Now you have an opportunity to own a piece of my Encounters -art series. Signed and numbered limited edition consists of eight individual works which are now printed on high quality 300 grams multi art silk paper. The original works are a combination of collage art and illustration. Prize 18.50€/pcs. Size 29,7x21cm. When you buy the whole series of eight you get a 15% discount. You can order by sending a message on Facebook or e-mail to

Go to my Encounters – album on Facebook to see the closeups and choose your favourite!

Special thanks must go to my friend and colleague Anu for taking the photographs! Remember to check her Cut By the Same Scissors blog and Kaika Design website.




A fun Finnish company called Pisama Design contacted me a while ago asking if I´d be interested in taking part in a fun project called Pisamaneidot testaa. It sounded exciting: they send me a product, I use it in my everyday life and then share my experiences here in my blog, on facebook etc. (from December 2013 to March 2014). How could I even consider saying no?


This is what the postman delivered. Click the pic to see the animation and find out what I got! Remember to stay tuned for more.

Animation made by my dear friend and talented designer Anu Myllynen.





My Encounters -collage works are now shown at Bar Muru, Joensuu.This time instead of the original collages there are printed works that also are for sale. They are printed on high quality 300 grams multi art silk paper (21×29,7cm). Signed and numbered limited edition. More info about that later.

Go check it! And remeber to write your name and comment on the guestbook.