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The last translucent voice begged: stay.

I love making collages out of magazine clippings. This one was made in a few minutes. It sort of wrote itself. (Fellow designer Anu also tried out this technique. You can see and read the result here!)



PS. My cut-pastings were featured in OutsaPop Trashion blog a year ago.

working detailHere´s a little sneak peak of a project I started working on about a month ago. In addition to my love for creating clothes and jewellery I express myself through hand-made collages. I´ve compined my poetry-writing hobby to them in my previous works but the ones I´m making now are just about telling a story through pics and line-drawings.

I´ve got exhibitions coming up concerning these but more of that later.





Like I told you before we had a fun guest book at our pop up shop. I want to share some of it´s greatness with you.

ImageCulture. The Right Style.

Image“I have strived to understand myself as well as others in the past years.” “One really benefits from positive nature.”

Imageguest9..lovely women..congrats and good luck!

ImagePleasure on the wishlist.

ImageImageImage“When you give up your sense of duty life gets considerably lighter.”

ImageYour style. Your jewellery. Trust in yourself.


Me and Anu want to thank each and everyone who dedicated a bit of their time to make these.




ImageI´m sorry I haven´t posted anything in a while. I was rocking at Ilosaarirock festival last weekend and I´ve been friend-focused for the last week. Now let´s wait and see what I´ll get up to next. I have a few simple but gorgeous leather jewellery ideas.. Hopefully I´ll have time to make and photograph them soon.

(The text says: Summer, you are great. It´s a summery painting on which I did some illustration.)

xoxo, pm

life´s like candy! / sugar rush gives confidence / but the body is in a state of alarm

I spent my day at the pop up shop and had some time to create cut paste poetry. Eating marsmallows might have given me the inspiration..